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Quantity Surveying

From Pre-Contract and Feasibility to Practical Completion, our consultants are highly experienced in all aspects of quantity surveying.

Project Management

Our consultants underpin the main principles of Time, Cost, Scope, Benefits, Quality and Risk to ensure your projects delivery on time and with budget.

Cost Control

Cost control is an essential part of business, identifying and reducing expenses to increase profits. Our Consultants compare the company’s actual financial results with the budgeted expectations, with a view to drive financial efficiency and optimise performance.


Our consultants analyse, plan, programme and cost all factors of the project, including, political, operational, economic, technical, legal, and scheduling, to ascertain the likelihood of completing the project successfully.


Our consultants are highly experienced in every stage of the procurement process. Understanding the legal and regulatory governance around procurement is essential to ensure a project’s success.

Sustainable Processing

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do here at Panoptic Group


We are focused on providing you with hands-on advice that takes a holistic view of your project within your wider organisation. Our consultants take the time to understand your project, and to offer bespoke project delivery advice to your business’s needs.


Here at Panoptic Projects our teams understand the importance of strategic development at the planning stage, which enables efficient transition through the commercial life-cycle of any project. Whether it’s producing a feasibility study or finalising the projects closure, our teams drive the highest level of quality in the projects we deliver.

Regardless of the industry, meticulous planning from the point of inception around feasibility, procurement, costs, and the ongoing contractual engagement, is essential for any projects success.

Within a world where the cost of global resource continues to rise and fall, it’s essential that procurement costs and the ongoing management lifecycle of any project is accurately planned. Our consultants offer exceptional cost planning and commercial management guidance to guarantee cost effectiveness alongside practical completion that aligns with the client’s expectations.


Our Consultants evaluate and enhance the performance of our clients’ existing assets and operational capabilities through industry knowledge and expertise, with the focus of driving efficiency, enhancing resilience, minimising downtime and reducing operating costs.


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